Ecofin Italia srl

Ecofin Italia Srl, is a company born from the vast experience of its members, with the aim of proposing important ideas for improvement within the industrial environment and to improve the quality of the environment that surrounds us.

The company proposes itself as the only interlocutor able to carry out all the services required in the industrial and civil sector in full autonomy.

The company is assisted by a network of professionals and companies, able to carry out every type of assignment in a suitable manner, making the most of a team of technicians with strong experience in the national territory.

The know-how acquired, together with the consolidated background of the Ecofin Italia team, allows us to be, in the same way, professional in the realization of new roofs on new buildings and the restructuring on old ones.

One of our main activities is the management of construction sites with the most advanced technologies at the same time as  respecting the environment and safety.

Ecofin Italia srl considers itself a young and flexible team with the will to constantly improve which is a big advantage to the customers with whom it interacts.

Our sponsorship

Our services

The services we offer to companies and to all our customers.

  1. Construction of roofs and metal structures
  2. Construction of synthetic waterproofing membranes (TPO) for roofs and inclined surfaces
  3. Realization of waterproof sheaths
  4. Design and construction of facade cladding
  5. Supply and installation of sheet metal (steel, aluminum, copper, stainless steel)
  6. Asbestos removal and disposal
  7. Installation of life lines
  8. Installation of photovoltaic systems

Certificate of public works qualification